Kernel programming
BladeRF quick guide
Writing linux mount utility
Naive FFT implementation in C
Web assembly audio with fir filter
Calculate fir coefficients with C
ARM64 assembly crc32
ARM64 assembly hello world
Swift OCR example
Mqueue IPC example
Running disk images in QEMU
Linux hello world in Swift
Compile static python
Using cgroups
WebUSB example
SystemC:Hello World
WebAssembly SDL example
STM32F4 SDRAM configuration
C macro tricks
DSP:Low-pass filter
Kernel:Debug messages
Kernel:Hello World
Compile Linux Kernel
GCC inline assembly
Using iptables
Solving crackmes
Multiboot USB drive
QEMU usage
Using GDB
Linux syscall table
Using mitmproxy


Create ELF file from scratch
ASCIITex ascii text formating utility
GDB helper functions
MicroBBS minimalistic BBS system
Serial GPS data reading utility
X11 prototype GUI
kconfig2h utility
Linux antidebug 1
Linux antidebug 2
Linux antidebug 3
Linux antidebug 4
Linux antidebug 5
C C11 standard _Generic keyword
C inline assembler
Wrapping C++ exceptions, templated and classes in C
Makefile tips
AVR disassembler
AVR echo
Basic HTTP server
Blender Scripts
C Bin2Hex
DWM desktop environment
Assembler calculate polynomial
CVE 2010-1160 Exploiting nano
ELF rewrite function
ELF text section
Embedding Lua in C
FPU catch division by zero
Gimp Plugin
Hooking interrupt descriptor table
Linux Format String Attack
Linux Local Descriptor Table
Linux PC speaker
Linux ShellCode
Linux keyboard LED
List ELF section names
Making C executables smaller
Sauerbraten patching and cheating
Scan memory for variable

Archive OpenWRT

Building OpenWRT for RTL8196C
RTL8196C support for OpenWRT
OpenWRT dependency graph drawing