ELF text section

This code based on .text writable

Find out .text section and make it writable. segmentcheck.h contains two functions

int sec_text_check( FILE* );

check if given file have .text writable section or not. return 0 if fasle, 1 if true and -1 if there was some kind error.

int sec_text_set( FILE* , int );

set section segment to writable/unwritable depends on second value that canbe 0 or 1. Code: Source includes two tests for both functions.I have not tested both functions very whell. That whay there can be some error.I have used used that for proving concept. And have checked result with



readelf -l simple




elf_segment.tar.gz - 26KiB - http://archive.main.lv/files/writeup/elf_text_section/elf_segment.tar.gz