RTL8196C support for OpenWRT

Current Linux kernel version 2.6.30. Kernel is with a lot realtek patches for 819x chips. There is added basic support for 3g modems out of the box. Release works fine on nprove devices. No others device yet supported.


Fix gcc 4.6 problems with usb.
Fix problems with 8196d
Move from gcc 4.5 -> 4.8
Move from Linux kernel 2.6.30 -> 3.10
Move from binutils 2.21 -> 2.22


Add other devices not only nprove one. Long term goal is to add realtek 819x chips to upstream OpenWRT Add support for as many as possible 3g sticks out of the box


irc freenode.net #nprove (for nrpove devices or 819x chip related stuff)


9 dec 2014
as main manager that was involved in this "nprove brand" router development based on 8196c/d chip changed job he dont invloved anymore in this project as it was. Also domain nprove.in not belong to any who where involved in this router development. Probably I can say that this try to port realtek fake open source openwrt firmware to mainline openwrt is ended. Also chanell on freenode.net/#nprove with main developer also can be considered died. Also all this post now is for historical puropouses. If someone interested i could try to get all this 8196c git repo sources and put in archive. Maybe someone will continue development of 8196c chip support for mainline openwrt not for fake-relatek-openwrt.

8 jan 2015
old repo from git.nprove.in moved to http://git.advem.lv/




nprove router

nprove router