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Numberphile - The Best (and Worst) Ways to Shuffle Cards


The amount of times to shuffle depends on shuffling type:
riffle shuffle - 7 times
overhand shuffle - 10000
Smooshing aka wash , corgi, chemmy - 30 sec on a edge, 1 min is enough

If perfectly shuffled then 4.53 to guess of them papers:

Trailing the Dovetail to its Lair (7 shuffles)):
Shuffling Cards and Stopping Times:
Overhand Shuffles:

Numberphile - Shuffling Extra Footage (1/3) - Persi Diaconis


Cut off phenomena happens when you shuffle and do randomness test, test going to pass after x steps, and after x steps is always pass, like a step or a border randomisation / shuffling schemes that doesn't have a cutoff phenomena.

Asking question is there reasonable scheme to shuffle larger decks of cards, like in dungeon and dragons

Numberphile - Shuffling Extra Footage (2/3) - Persi Diaconis


with microphone in casino where able to recreate shuffle from a sound. because casino shufflers are perfect shufflers compare to not professional shufflers. shuffling machines aren't good they are worse shuffling then physical shuffling. maybe to get one of those?

Machines are going to be replaced with one that have different shuffling scheme with random number generator. Those machines you numbers that are have initial seed, and each number they add new one, there is cheats who watch rolled out numbers on casino machine, and figure our right moment to join the game.

Numberphile - Shuffling Extra Footage (3/3) - Persi Diaconis


Some history on why casinos don't use experts and don't research on math. And how businesses assume they are right without any proper research. About how in bridge game discovered proper probabilities of shuffling.